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+44 (0) 118 988 9200

Can You Get Arrested For Buying Tramadol Online - Purchase Tramadol Visa

Combining creativity, passion, functionality and intelligence

Can You Get Arrested For Buying Tramadol Online - Purchase Tramadol Visa

Laboratory & Office Fit-out Specialists

When it comes to the modern workplace, Buying Tramadol and property Tramadol Online Overnight Credit Card, Bulb Interiors design, build and furnish commercial interiors that combine creativity, passion, functionality and intelligence.

Providing superior services for leading companies since 2006, our expertise in consultancy, design and build produces inspiring results across London and the UK. Whether it be corporate office or high-tech Buy 100Mg Tramadol Online space – we pride ourselves on a professional service, that is customised to suit you.

From initial Purchase Tramadol Online Cod through to completion, we work with you to create a space that works for your business: aesthetically and practically. And we aim to exceed your expectations in quality, programme and budget.

About Bulb Interiors

The Team

We are here to back the needs of your business today, and into the future.

The team is passionate about creating sustainable work environments that are agile enough to evolve around you.
We bring together exceptional client service and experience combined with efficient processes and continuous innovation.

Buy Dog Tramadol Uk and let us grow your business!

Find out who is who at Bulb Interiors:

Derek Jones

Managing Director - Pre-Contracts
Derek is primarily focused on developing Bulb’s relationships with clients at the consultancy phase. As pre-contract director, Derek also manages the tender submissions and finalisation stage of the design.

With his family now fully fledged, outside of work Derek is a keen fitness enthusiast and enjoys mountain hiking, cycling & football. Derek’s ‘bucket list’ includes completing a triathlon.

Email: Tramadol Cheap Uk
Telephone: 07775 712872

Paul Horsburgh

Managing Director - Contracts
Paul is responsible for delivering all of Bulb’s projects nationwide. He is devoted to ensuring our standards are of the very highest quality and that our safety measures are maintained.
Paul has a grown up family. Away from the office he enjoys all sports particularly skiing. He loves following and watching London Irish. Paul is also an avid film buff and enjoys all things cultural.

Email: Buy Discount Tramadol
Telephone: 07775 712861

Peter Riley

Head of Commercial
Peter has extensive technical knowledge of the construction industry. His main role is to procure work for Bulb Interiors. Peter is involved in tendering and negotiating design and build projects, procurement of packages and coordination of the design and implementation.
Peter is a family man, an ardent supporter of Everton FC, enjoys a good takeaway and is a big animal lover.

Email: Tramadol Online
Telephone: 07765 881036

Kelly Townsend

Head of Contracts
Kelly has wide knowledge of both the technical & construction sides of the industry. His role is to manage the delivery of projects for Bulb both before & whilst we are on site, including client move management where required.
In his spare time Kelly enjoys both watching and playing all sports. He’s a bit of a technology buff and enjoys socialising and spending time with his adult family.

Email: Ordering Tramadol Online Uk
Telephone: 07775 762307

Manisha Kulkarni

Laboratory Specialist & Head of Marketing
Manisha is responsible for providing scientific expertise for Bulb’s lab projects & building relationships with the scientific community. Her lab user experience (+20 yrs) allows the Bulb team to get a clear understanding of clients’ design & fit-out needs.
She also heads Bulb’s corporate marketing function and ensures the development & delivery of a integrated marketing strategy.

Email: Order Tramadol Overnight Uk
Telephone: 07825 332406

Andy Hambridge

Technical Services Manager
Andy has delivered many projects of varying complexities from pre-contract through to delivery and post contract support. Projects include secure data centres, MOD secure facilities, laboratory testing facilities and commercial office space. At Bulb, Andy seeks to assist both the project and professional teams and is responsible for making decisions to ensure the project is delivered smoothly.

Email: Can You Still Order Tramadol Online
Telephone: 07775 574801

Kirsty Brookfield

Office Manager
Kirsty has years of top level PA & office management experience and is key to ensuring the office operates in perfect harmony. Combining her organisational and communication skills, she provides vital support to the whole team.
Away from the office Kirsty is a wife and mum and loves anything to do with shopping and handbags

Email: Ordering Tramadol From India
Telephone: 07757 119279

Aaron Mullix

Pre-Contracts Manager
Aaron supports the pre-contracts team in estimating; completing site surveys, tendering projects and procuring subcontractors with additional responsibilities for co-ordinating pre-contract activities & smooth handover to Contracts. Aaron is a keen sportsman participating and following many sports regularly. He also enjoys travel & sporting, cultural holidays.

Email: Buy Cheapest Tramadol Online
Telephone: 07920 142418

Tariq Mehmood

Assistant Contracts Manager
Tariq is a BSc (Hons) graduate in Construction Management. Starting from site management he gained extensive knowledge and valuable experience in the industry to understand and recognise potential project issues. He works closely with the contracts & client teams to ensure effective expectations management.

Email: Order Tramadol For Dogs Online
Telephone: 07876 821695

Michael Peate

Quantity Surveyor
Michael has over 25 years’ experience in the construction industry focused on quantity surveying & commercial management. Throughout his career, he has worked for both main & specialist contractors.
As an advocate of collaboration, Michael is dedicated to ensuring successful commercial outcomes for all project stakeholders.

Email: By Tramadol Online
Telephone: 07850 503767

Neil Anderson

Senior Contracts Manager
Neil is a highly experienced construction professional with over 38 years in the industry.

Starting his career from estimating and quantity surveying Neil managed numerous design & build fit-out and refurbishment projects.

He recently managed and delivered a very challenging £3M, cat A fit-out on-time and on budget.

Email: Tramadol Order Online Cod
Telephone: 07920 143594

Karen Wilson

Finance Account Manager
Karen Wilson is an experienced accountancy expert and is responsible for documenting & recording the many costs involved in running our business, ensuring that we and our suppliers are paid correctly & on time.
Away from work Karen is a member of Rock Choir, rehearsing every week towards the year’s big performances.

Email: Tramadol Online Price

Alan Ellender

Site Manager
Alan has extensive knowledge and experience as a Site Manager gained in the UK and abroad. At Bulb, Alan has managed site activities on numerous laboratory and commercial design & build, fit-out and refurbishment projects of value upto £3m.

Email: Buying Tramadol Online Illegal


No vacancies at the moment.


Adaptive and receptive to the needs of the changing world, we adopt a strong environmental policy in our design schemes. Wherever possible we seek to promote the importance of sustainability and the need to protect the environment; through office spaces and sites that utilise recycled material and energy-efficient technology.

We can help you with your sustainability credentials by maintaining BREEAM, LEED or Ska certification and advising on appropriate materials and designing energy-efficient spaces.Our environmental awareness is reflected in our ISO 14001 standard and also in the practices of our suppliers and manufacturers.

But of course, sustainability is not all about the environment. The improved health, productivity and learning of your employees who will be occupying the space are always utmost in our priority checklist. We consider all aspects at every angle; to provide the right solution for you.

Health & Safety

A responsible approach to health, safety and welfare issues is key to ensuring that all activities under our control are carried out in accordance with standards and safe working procedures, and in compliance with statutory provisions.

Bulb employ a team of independent auditors that undertake safety audits on our sites and provide training to staff and site operatives.

Any client has a responsibility under CDM regulations to appoint a specialist who is competent to comply with health and safety requirements. Most client duties require action well before work starts on site.

As an accredited Safe Contractor, Bulb can aid clients in identifying hazards, creating a plan to organise and control health and safety matters throughout the lifetime of a project.

Health & Safety - Bulb Interiors
Tramadol Uk Order Tramadol Buy Australia