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+44 (0) 118 988 9200

Ordering Tramadol Online Forum - Tramadol Online Mastercard

We work together to transform your workplace

Ordering Tramadol Online Forum - Tramadol Online Mastercard

Bulb Interiors have been delivering commercial office and laboratory fit-outs in London and around the UK since 2006. Our specialist fit-out service, brings together our expertise and flair in design, fit-out, Buying Tramadol and post-project support.

We’ll streamline our flexible services to specifically cover your needs, so whether you are seeking a ‘Traditional Build’ approach where we work with your chosen team of designers, or you prefer to appoint us on a ‘Design and Build’ basis, we have the skills and resources to manage your fit-out successfully.

Taking full responsibility for your project, we deliver on time & budget giving you maximum peace-of-mind. Our team work together to transform your workplace producing finished space that not only looks stunning, but promises improved efficiency and productivity.

Our dedicated service also extends to co-ordinating and managing full-scale moves; from the new fit-out & installation to packing and removal services.

Bulb Interiors - Fit out at Heineken


Bulb Interiors office fit-out - Brief stage

The foundation for a successful project.

Whether your brief is on a purpose-built business park, a period conversion, light industrial unit, city centre office, laboratory or high-tech science park, Bulb Interiors knows how to develop the best solution for you.

The Brief stage allows us to determine your own unique requirements and business objectives, departmental relationships, the customer experience and any factors which may influence your space.

With this knowledge to hand, we will then move forward with a technical appraisal of the building and the creation of design concepts and we’ll establish realistic time frames and budgets for the delivery of your new workplace.


At Bulb Interiors we are driven in design.

Our Purchase Tramadol Online Cod and intuition in space planning produces newly configured spaces that promote positive and agile work environments.

Once the conceptual layout has been agreed, our team will emphasise and determine the look and feel of your new space, through sketches, mood boards and 3D CGI’s; which will then be presented to you for approval.

By consulting staff and key members, we allow you to make informed decisions at every stage. Our professional design proposals will also take into account specific technical and technological requirements for your laboratory or office space.

Office fit-out - Design


Bulb - In Progress Flagship House

With a dynamic design comes a dynamic delivery.

Following careful contractor selection our construction management skills ensure that all building works are completed to plan.

In office environments, our team will deliver a fully functional space that is integrated with all necessary technical and mechanical features, including air-conditioning and state-of-the-art security and IT systems.

For laboratories, our team will go the extra mile in ensuring your particular requirements are met. From high-tech air-conditioning and ventilation systems to gas storage rooms and specialist finishes, Bulb Interiors fit out the best solution for you.

Our specialists are adaptable and resourceful enough to accommodate your needs in a cost effective and sustainable way, whilst fully meeting health and safety regulations.


At Bulb Interiors our priority is you.

We support you fully through every aspect of the project; from the conceptual stage and project delivery phase through to completion and into the future.

It is our personal approach, exemplary service and commitment to you that achieves our success and longevity in client relationships. Attention to detail is vital to us, as we know it is the little things today which if not taken into account, can become tomorrow’s key problems.

Once an office fit-out project is completed, our consultant will be available to meet with key staff to evaluate the scheme and assess its delivery performance.

Seeing our clients’ Buy Dog Tramadol Uk is also one of our chief rewards!

Bulb Interiors Project support
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